Installation view
Palazzo Lascaris, headquarters of the Regional Council of Piedmont

Eudourado is an installation where the map and geography are taken as elements to reflect on the limits of Europe, its representation and on the way how they are understood or how its borders could possibly be interpreted.
Europe is geographic destination, cartographically reduced to its representation with the cardinal points that can change depending on their interest toward the “others”. Europe with its disrupted map leads us to a rereading in economic terms, of power and of migratory flows.
Eudourado evokes history, the legend of “El Dorado” where the conquerors along with many others looked for that myth, subordinating their lives to that dream that the reality showed them less fabulous and lucrative.
Contemporarily many people, on their way to Europe look for that “El Dorado”, a place where to live in peace, open for hope and illusions, but that in many cases will be very different from what they had imagined.

Variable mass
Wood, bronze, iron, plastic
165,5x90x38cm/86x66x2cm  1+1AP