Single channel HD color video projection, stereo sound, 15 min.

This video explores the nexus between the global economy and cross-border work as a means of economic subsistence for households and families in the borderlands.
Karima, Mina and Fatima are three Moroccan women who work and help the elderly in Ceuta, a Spanish autonomous city in North Africa, surrounded by Morocco and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
They try to return regularly to their home in Morocco, having to endure daily long lines at the border, with the constant risk that they will not be allowed to go to work and therefore lose their jobs.
These women talk about their living conditions and their perception of the border.
The speech of the first woman, Karima, is only partially subtitled. Once they pass through the customs gates, the conversation turns to Arabic without subtitles. In doing so, the artist also intends to convey the difficulties of the «linguistic border» to the viewer.
The background melody of the video is the anthem of Europe from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.
The artist presents the theme deliberately slowed down and cut off to reflect the idea that the worldwide recognition of the fundamental human rights today also seems slowed down and interrupted.